So September 2019 marked the 40th anniversary of when we first made the Struve Sneff album publically available – it was a hand-made cassette album that was first sold from a local record store in Portsmouth.

To commemorate this, the US label blocGlobal have made a specially re-mastered cassette edition of the album reproducing the original packaging as closely as possible. To accompany this we have written up our comprehensive recollections of how the album came about and illustrated them with various photos. This is presented as a 36 page booklet. Finally we printed and personally signed a promo card, these items are all contained in a special slipcase.

The edition is 200 numbered copies only, and there is a promo video made by blocGlobal on our YouTube channel here.


blocGlobal works closely with a worldwide distributor who in turn supplies retail outlets – those retailers have to chose to order in the release, get it in stock to make it also available to their on-line shops. The availability may not always adhere to the official release date, unless they offer pre-orders, and so there could be a little delay.

To date, most if not all RATL releases have been available via direct mail order from the releasing label, this one is a bit different. RATL do know that BlocGlobal are very aware of fan feedback and through their distributors are currently investigating on-line outlets in various territories, including the UK and Australia.

We’ll post more information as we receive it, but currently we know of one US stockist:

December 2018:
[Alex] Long Time Coming, the first full RatL live album is now available to purchase from Klanggalerie.

February 2018:
[Renaldo] We have just posted a video for Optimism from Gurdy Hurding. Watch it here.

December 2017:
[Renaldo] RATL LIVE?!
Well, we sort of surprised ourselves by accepting Walter’s invitation to perform at Klanggalerie’s 25th anniversary event in Vienna next June. But we are doing it and finally taking to the stage 38 years after our last (and only) live performance.

July 2017:
[Alex] Title in Limbo got a 2-disc deluxe reissue on Klanggalerie with the previously unreleased "4-Daze" sessions included. Order here:

Also available on Klanggalerie is a reworked/remixed/reissued "Entomology of Sound" by The Darkening Scale (The Loaf). Grab that here:

Also! Renaldo and the Loaf's remix "As Evening Fades (Murmuration Murder Mix)" for the Controlled Bleeding remix project "Carving Songs" is now available here.

March 12, 2017:
[Brian] Gurdy Wording Competition Winner Announced! Out of 5 finalists, Eggodleo Jones emerged the winner for his lyric "Song of the Lungfish". Each finalist will be receiving signed copies of Gurdy Hurding and the winner will also see his lyric recorded as a new song. So we will have that project to look at in the forthcoming weeks...

October 16, 2016:
[Brian] Check out the new video for "A Convivial Ode" from GURDY HURDING.

October 1, 2016:
[Brian] Well, it's been almost 30 years since Elbow Is Taboo and as the re-issue series has now completed we thought it was about time we released a brand new album - it is now ready and scheduled for release on Klanggalerie on the 25th of October. The album is called GURDY HURDING, has 13 tracks and a brilliant cover design and artwork by Poxodd. We couldn't begin to describe the music except to say it is certainly Renaldo and The Loaf but working in the 21st. century!

July 29, 2016:
[Alex] A little late to the party on this one, but Klanggalerie have issued a final disc of rarities/unreleased songs in their RatL campaign: Breadcrumbs. Also: Klanggalerie have re-issued The Elbow Is Taboo. It is a remastered version with a bonus disc called "Elbonus". Buy it here!

Mar 16, 2016:
[Renaldo] Our Struve & Sneff track ‘Dying Inside’ is included on a 4-disc set of formative UK Electronica 1975 – 1984 called Close To The Noise Floor to be released by Cherry Red Records on April 29th. It’s a very lovingly compiled and comprehensive collection and features some very well known but also some very obscure bands.

Jan 8, 2016:
[Renaldo]So, finally it could be that our very first recorded album, Behind Closed Curtains, which remained unreleased for 35 years will make it onto vinyl as it was originally intended! Secret Records, in collaboration with Klanggalerie, have started an Indegogo campaign for a release of 500 numbered copies. 200 will be on green vinyl with a splatter effect and 300 on black. We're obviously excited by this and, who knows, it might even persuade Ted to buy a turntable!
Check it out here!

May 6, 2015:
[The Loaf] Klanggalerie's reissue of RatL's back catalogue continued with the release of Arabic Yodeling. As with previous releases, it has a second disc of bonus tracks, this time called "Grain by Grain (for accuracy)". A lot of the music is instrumental, but there are some songs, including an alternative version of The Blowfly's Dilemma and a song where, surprisingly, I take lead vocals! Order at Klang! or Order at Bandcamp!

February 3, 2015:
[Renaldo] RatL finally make it to be in the same space again...been a long time! I've spent a few days over in Wales visiting [the Loaf] to catch up on lots of stuff. Been listening to Arabic Yodeling outtake material together and have made a list of potential tracks for the second disc of the next reissue... (new pic above)

December 9, 2014:
[Renaldo] For the first time since 1987 (or something like that) RATL have some merchandise to offer so fans can walk around proudly displaying their appreciation for the stranger things in life. Together with Atom Age Industries we have created an "Olleh Olleh Rotcod" T-shirt which is pretty striking and uniquely fashionable in a strange way, and a recreation of the 1981 "Tee for Swinging Larvae." If you would like one of these, they are both available here:

November 2, 2014:
[Renaldo] klanggalerie is taking preorders for a limited edition (of 1000) remastered CD reissue of Title in Limbo releasing December 5, 2014. Born (mostly) from a strange experimental jam session between The Residents and Renaldo & The Loaf in early 1981, we all returned to it in 1983 and Title In Limbo was finally realised as an album to be released in November that year. 1998 saw its first complete CD release as a numbered limited edition on Ralph America, copies of which are scarce and now collectors' items. But that CD differed from the vinyl in that some tracks had short fade ups applied to them which did not truly reflect the original release. So we are excited for the first time on CD to now offer this album re-mastered with all tracks fully restored to their originally recorded states.

July 22, 2014:
[Alex] The discography section has been updated with the recent reissues. Buy the first-ever issue of Behind Closed Curtains and Tap Dancing in Slush here.. This material predates Struve & Sneff and is the first time most of this material has ever been released publicly.

October 2, 2013:
[Renaldo] The release date we've been given for the Larvae 2 CD set is 30th October. We're very pleased with it - the original album has had its audio enhanced and there's a second disc of over 50mins of rare and previously unreleased material. The second disc is arguably like a brand new album featuring tracks contemporary with Larvae consisting of sketches/improvisations or tunes that just didn't fit in with the Larvae feel. It shows there must have been some sort of alternate side to RATL at that time as the tracks are (to our ears) quite different to the released LP but hang together really well.

July 18, 2013:
[Renaldo] Klanggalerie have recently released Eigengrau, a remix album of songs by Section 25.

We have a track on there called Girls Don't Count (The Critical Mix) which, as the title suggests, also features samples from Critical Dance. It's a very cool track...well, we would say that wouldn't we?

June 24, 2013:
[Renaldo] A couple of bits of news:

  1. Renaldo was interviewed for the upcoming Residents documentary on May 18th Photos here, here, & here. "They were particularly interested to have some insight from people who knew the Residents and especially from those who had worked with them. I believe RATL are (to date) the only group to have co-produced and recorded an album with them so the film crew were keen to learn how the recording of Title In Limbo came about and how it was done." (more info)
  2. The Larvae re-issue, due around October, will be a 2 CD set - we've liberally delved into the archive and have created a well filled and very interesting second CD of rare tracks, out takes, sketches etc. This CD has turned out to be something more than just a list of extras as some of the content clearly shows that, at that time, there was another side to RATL that never made it onto the Larvae album.

June 11, 2013:
[Alex] This just in: Klanggalerie will be reissuing Songs for Swinging Larvae later this year, complete with bonus/alternate tracks. Stay tuned for more info.

January 19, 2013:
[Alex] First update in six years!? We have more coming soon, but here is some very important news:

  1. Renaldo and the Loaf play Struvé & Sneff has just been reissued in a limited edition 2CD set with previously unreleased live material. Grab it here now! The discography has been updated with more information.
  2. The Loaf has a blog that you should definitely check out: Mr. Sneff

September 25, 2006:
[Alex] It has been a while, but I have plenty of updates for you:

  1. Want to see the SFSL video?
    It's on YouTube!
  2. How about the video for The Autons' Snakes, featuring Renaldo as The Rotcod? It's also on YouTube!
  3. David and Brian are still talking; Most specifically they're working on a possible CD release of Olleh Olleh Rotcod (including a new track listing). More info on that when I get it!

July 9, 2006:
[Alex] News just in... Renaldo and the Loaf recently met in person for the first time in 18 years! Eight-o-clock PM at the Tangier pub in Portsmouth, yes that Tangier pub, on July 3rd is now a milestone in RatL history!

[Renaldo] There was a LOT to catch up on and there was still lots to chat about when we were kicked out of the pub at closing time. We were very pleased to see each other and in many ways the years just melted away...we plan to meet again at sometime.

June 1, 2006:
[Alex] With the cooperation of Brian Poole (Renaldo!), Dave Janssen (The Loaf!), and Ian McGraith (the proprietor of RatL online-mania), I have designed and compiled this new, very comprehensive site on Renaldo and the Loaf. Check here for new updates frequently.

[Renaldo] Greetings! Here it is...a comprehensive overview of our work all in one place. Ian paved the way with The Hums Do Not Intrude and now Alex has taken it further, personally encouraging - no, pushing me to dig deep into my memory and the Renaldo and the Loaf archive and to reveal what's there.
Excitingly this site also features, for the first time, input from Dave (the Loaf) - which to my mind makes it truely complete.
Other interesting things will probably come to light and be added over time, our memories are far from infallible.... and feel free to add your own info, research and feedback.

[The Loaf] It was (almost) twenty years ago today that Renaldo and Ted went their separate ways. I've no idea whether they've been going in and out of style, but they're probably still guaranteed to raise a smile!
It's been many years since I've listened to a lot of the music we produced; visiting this website and hearing some of the clips for the first time in almost 20 years has cause me to re-evaluate Renaldo and the Loaf. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it sounded a lot better than I remembered. Although the Residents were a major influence I don't think we really sound like them, yes, we inhabit a similar musical universe but I think we had a distinct sound. In fact, if you close your eyes it almost sounds like not just one but several real groups, such was the diversity of sounds we produced.
~ David Janssen

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