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Gurdy Hurding (2016)

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1.) Henri Rise
2.) Pessimistic Song
3.) A Convivial Ode
4.) Scent Of Turnip
5.) The Moment Is Lost
6.) Gurdy Hurding
7.) Improbable Legs
8.) Carrot Ballet
9.) Asper Dorsalis
10.) Djinn House
11.) Gladsome Vane
12.) Early Twirly
13.) Optimism

Release Info:

CD: Klanggalerie gg233 (2016) Purchase here.

Well, it’s been almost 30 years since Elbow Is Taboo and as the re-issue series has now completed we thought it was about time we released a brand new album! It has 13 tracks and a brilliant cover design and artwork by Poxodd. We couldn’t begin to describe the music except to say it is certainly Renaldo and The Loaf but working in the 21st. century.

Check out the video for "A Convivial Ode":


[Brian] So this is our first official video since 1981 and with big thanks to our good friend Jez Stevens who gifted us his time and expertise.

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