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Olleh Olleh Rotcod (1985)

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1.) Critical/Dance
2.) Like Some Kous-Kous Western
3.) Brittle People
4.) The Elbow is Taboo
5.) Bearded Cats
6.) She Wears Black

7.) Gone To Gwondana
8.) Medical Man
9.) Fluorescent Showboat to Tangier
10.) Is Guava a Donut?
11.) Leery Looks (from Father's Books)
12.) Then At Iona Lanthem

Release Info:

LP: Rotcod Productions .rD3

More Information:

Released through Rough Trade/The Cartel in an edition of 1000, this is an official compilation with some otherwise rare or unreleased tracks. Tracks taken from the Ralph albums are pretty much the same mixes as the originals but with a few minor tweaks. She Wears Black is from the cassette compilation AG4. Critical/Dance is an early/preview mix of the Elbow track. Then at Iona Anthem is from the Italian Compilation LP "Anthems."

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