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Songs from The Surgery (1980)

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Side 1
1.) Medical Man
2.) Is Guava A Donut?
3.) Post Mortem
4.) Scottish Shuffle
5.) Bali Whine
6.) My Favourite Things
7.) Of Bad Teeth

Side 2
8.) Renaldo and the Loaf's debut live performance at the Bali-Hi Suite, Portsmouth Locarno, April 21st. 1980. Improvisation for 2 guitars, voice and tape delay system.

Release Info:

Tape: Rotcod Productions - P.rD2 (Promo cassette)

Renaldo Says:

Recorded between Nov. 1979 and mid. 1980. A few copies made and sent to Ralph Records.

Post Mortem later appeared (in anagram form) as Metro Stomp on the 1984 Struvé & Sneff LP. It also formed part of Fat Man's Visit on the 1982 Offene Systeme cassette.

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