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Renaldo and the Loaf Play Struvé and Sneff (1979)

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Side 1
1.) Meaning of W.E.I.R.D.
2.) 16 Going on 17
3.) Absence
4.) 120 Before Zero
5.) Brittle People
6.) Dying Inside
7.) Kimbolton Gnome Song
8.) The Bathroom Song

Side 2
9.) Untitled
10.) Letters From Lee


Release Info:

Tape: Handmade RATL release - Rotcod Productions .rD1
CD-R: EMG ccd102 (1999)
CD: Reissued in 2013 with bonus content

Renaldo's Super Info:

Self released and sold by mail order and through a couple of local outlets. Each copy sold was made from the original stereo master tape - a maximum of 250 copies made.
The cover colour changed after each 10 copies made; the first 10 made were on gold/yellow paper and are identifiable by the accent missing over the e of Struvé.

One copy of the cassette sent out by mail order included a 'hidden' track at the end of Side 2. We'd just finished a cover version of Ivor Cutler's I Believe In Bugs and combined it with a thing we called Fennix, so somewhere out there it may still exist. The track has not been released in any other way.

In 1985, an album of the same name was released on vinyl with extra tracks inserted into the song sequence. This remixed/remastered version, to a degree, lost the fluidity of the original in attempting to reproduce its 'accidents'.

In 1999, Tom Timony's Esoteric Music Group released a CD-R of the original cassette contents. Some have suggested this wasn't official as little is known about it. Basically, it was an experimental release to see if CD on demand would work - covers and inserts were made and CDs made to order. Not that many were made I believe, but I don't have figures.

The Loaf Recalls 'Letters from Lee':

This was an improvisation in response to the collapse of our pre-Ralph contract. The basic track was recorded on a tape delay system with Brian saying some phrases from our correspondence with the record company backwards. We then reversed the tape so the phrases came out forwards and added some overdubs. When we decided to put it all together as a tape and to try to sell a few copies we connected the tracks on side one with fragments of another tape-delay improvisation we’d done.

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