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Renaldo and the Loaf Play Struvé and Sneff (1984)

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1.) Meaning of W.E.I.R.D.
2.) 16 Going on 17
3.) Absence
4.) 120 Before Zero
5.) Of Bad Teeth
6.) My Favorite Things
7.) Metro Stomp
8.) Scottish Shuffle
9.) Fluorescent Showboat to Tangier
10.) Brittle People
11.) Dying Inside
12.) Kimbolton Gnome Song
13.) The Bathroom Song


Release Info:

LP: Ralph Records (1985 - out of print)
CD: T. E. C. tones 94582 (1994)

The Loaf Tells Us About Some Specific Tracks:

1.) Meaning of W.E.I.R.D.
Ralph Records was running a competition for the best suggestion for what the acronym WEIRD meant. Rather than send a written entry we wrote a song. The lyrics were generated by randomly picking words out of a dictionary, with a bit of selection to keep the strangest or, to us, the funniest sounding ones. Walk energetically in rubber dungarees does conjure up an image, doesn’t it?

4.) 120 Before Zero
The lyrics were generated randomly from a music paper, NME or something. The title refers to rewinding the backing tape to a certain point, which was 120 before zero, i.e. –0880 on the tape counter.

5.) Of Bad Teeth
Well, ‘Of Bad Teeth’ was a setting of a Bertolt Brecht poem, with a Madness influence, the group Madness that is.

7.) Metro Stomp
‘Metro Stomp’ is the only piece from the ‘Swinging Larvae’ era. Metro Stomp is an anagram of Post Mortem and the basic track is the slowed down backing track to ‘A Medical Man’ copied out of phase with itself with some improvised guitar and clarinet overdubs – shades of a Henry Cow influence here.

9.) Fluorescent Showboat to Tangier
This is a song about the pub we used to drink in after a hard day in the surgery. The title comes from the fact that the pub was called The Tangier and in the lounge bar was a tank of tropical fish. In the fish tank was a sunken paddle steamer or showboat, painted in rather lurid colours. So I think you can put the title together from that. As for the lyrics, each line is an observation about the pub, which I read out to Brian, backwards. He then had to translate it back to ‘English’. So, Frosted glass in the ladies door becomes Throsted glas in ledis dor. Fancy carpet on the floor becomes Fanky farket ol te flor, or something like that – you get the picture.
The vocals on 'Showboat' are interesting in that we used 'prepared voice' to modify the sound of Brian's singing. As I recall Brian put an elastic band around his head so that it went around his mouth a bit like a horses bridle. This pulled his mouth out of shape and altered the sound of his voice.

12.) The Kimbolton Gnome Song
The room that was now ‘Sneff’s Surgery’ over looked the gardens of Kimbolton Road in Portsmouth. One of these had a large number of garden gnomes and the song is just a fantasy about the owner’s obsessive care for his gnomes.


Renaldo plays: Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Hammered Bouzouki, glockenspiel, Percussion, Kazoo, Macaroni and Voice.
Ted the Loaf plays:
Guitar, Prepared Guitars, Clarinet, Mandolin, Tapes and Loops.

Recorded at Sneff's Surgery, April 1979 to early 1980 on 4-track.
Most of these songs were originally released in 1979 by ROTCOD Productions as a cassette album also called "Renaldo and the Loaf Play Struvé and Sneff" - some of the others have never before been released.

Operation conducted without the aid of anesthetics or synthesizers.

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