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Title in Limbo [with the Residents] (1983)

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1.) Intro: Version
2.) The Shoe Salesman
3.) Crashing
4.) Monkey & Bunny
5.) Mahogany Wood
6.) Sitting on the Sand
7.) Africa Tree
8.) Woman's Weapon
9.) Horizontal Logic
10.) The Sailor Song
11.) Extra: Version

(Original LP) Side 1: tracks 1-5; Side 2: tracks 6-11

Release Info:

LP: Ralph RR 8351 (1983)
CD: Ralph America RA004 (1999)


All song writing and playing by The Residents and Renaldo & the Loaf
Featuring Nessie Lessons (vocals, "Crashing") and Snakefinger (guitar, "Sitting on the Sand and "Extra:  Version" and violin, "Africa Tree")
Thanks to Rotcod Productions.
Cover by Pore Know Graphics.
Recorded in America, mostly.
Manufactured by Ralph Records.

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