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The Serious Collection (1982)

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Side 1
1.) The Bowflie's Dilemma
2.) Lonely Rosa
3.) Home After Rain
4.) She Wears Black
5.) Vitamin Song
6.) I.1
7.) Green Candle
8.) I.2
9.) Bearded Cats
10.) Night
11.) There's a Cap On The Lawn
12.) I.3

Side 2
13.) I.4
14.) Dichotomy Rag
15.) I.5
16.) I.6
17.) I.7
18.) I.8
19.) Robert's Poems - The Dry Desert, Cabaret, Fantastic Prayers, Casper Is Dead, After The Cabaret

Release Info:

Tape: Rotcod Productions (Promo cassette)

Renaldo's Recollection:

Recorded between Spring 1981 and July 1982. A few copies made and sent to Ralph Records.
The tracks prefixed by I are instrumental studies. The poems were a collaboration with a friend, Robert Bartlett, from local band Attic; RatL provided improvised backings to Dada poems read by Robert.

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