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Ritual - Magnetic North (1985)

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This compilation features one RatL track:

1.) Extracting the Re-Re

Release Info:

Tape: Touch Tapes, UK T5
LP: Touch Tapes, UK T7:45

More Information:

Ritual was an audio-visual magazine (pictured on the left) that consisted of an art book and cassette packaged in a cardboard envelope. Other contributors included The Residents, Cabaret Voltaire & Einsturzende Neubauten.

Limited edition of 3000.

In 1988 Touch released a 7" disc (pictured above), Side 2 - TOUCH RITUAL /radio cut-up incorporating Extracting the Re-Re amongst Gilbert & George, Last Few Days, The Hafler Trio, Strafe Fur Rebellion and Dun Dun Ensemble.

The Loaf Speaks about Extracting the Re-Re:
We had this recording of an auctioneer selling the lots at a tobacco auction, I think. I suppose it sounded a bit mantra-like if you use your imagination. Anyway we decided to make a loop of this to form the basis of the piece. The first loop wasn’t quite right and I had to take another piece of tape out to make the rhythm correct. On the piece of tape that was removed the auctioneer appeared to be saying ‘Re Re’. So the piece got its title from that piece of tape that was removed.

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