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Bolero! (1989)

Performing as Shouting Hat:
Kwesi Marles
- programming, co-production
Brian Poole - co-production and incidental voice


"A cover version of the Ravel piece prepared for a compilation project by a European label which I can't recall - I don't think we sent it to them. It was my intro to MIDI by Kwesi."

Jump Jump (1993)

Performing as Fiction Friends:
Brian Poole
- programming, midi-sax and vocal
Kwesi Marles - programming and backing vocal

Released on
Goobers - A Collection of Kid's Songs

CD: Elemental Music/Tec Tones 93901
10" LP: Elemental Music/Tec Tones 9191 on marbled yellow vinyl.

"This is a song about a worm with pretensions to be a kangaroo and how jumping can be stylish. "

Brian Poole - keyboards, vocals, programming, mix
Frank Pahl - banjo, lyrics

Released on
Frank Pahl's album In Cahoots

CD: Vaccination Records (USA) 014

also released on the Vaccination Records Sampler  'Oh God! Mother Blood!'

"This was recorded in 1996 during an all-too-brief weekend visit to Portsmouth by Frank, who was on his travels performing in Europe. I had a good part of the tune already available when Frank arrived, as it was a project I was working on. Together we tweaked the arrangement to work with some lyrics Frank had with him. He was able to add banjo to the backing just before it was time to go. I completed the song with midi-sax and vocal later."

Portsmouth (1998)

Frank Pahl - ukelele, whistling
Brian Poole - percussion programming

Released on
Frank Pahl's album Remove The Cork

CD: Demosaurus (France) DMSR002

"Done during Frank's visit in 1996, this is a short instrumental that started as a sketch Frank recorded at my place 'so he wouldn't forget it'. Later I added some percussion noises."

Renaldo - programming, samples, guitars, vocal
Rock - mole voice on We Are The Moles
Keith & Krister - sample contributions to We Are The Moles


  • Worm Pizza (numbered limited edition of 20 copies on orange CD-Rs in handmade pizza boxes with booklet)

  • Worm Pizza Re-heated (reissued version in regular CD case on silver CD-R with different label, edition of approx. 150 copies)

"Recorded as a contribution to a project instigated by the Moles (a Residents fan collective) as a gift to the Residents in their 30th anniversary year. The pizza boxes were delivered to them during their Demons Dance Alone show at the Royal Festival Hall on March 10, 2003. The CD, which exclusively features tracks about moles, also includes tracks recorded by the various members of the Moles and Paulie Kraynak. I Am A Mole was originally recorded by the Southlanders in 1958, We Are The Moles by …The Moles, an alter-ego of Simon Dupree and the Big Sound…incidentally from Portsmouth."

Renaldo - keyboards, samples and voice
Alex Wroten - guitar, drums, bass guitar

The Human Elbow, a Well Dang! Productions film.

CD-R: (soundtrack) Well Dang! Productions #helbowost
DVD: (movie) Well Dang! Productions #helbowdvd

"Alex invited me to produce some music to go over the end credits to his movie The Human Elbow. In the end, I worked with the guide piece Alex had sent me which I overlaid and augmented with keyboards and vocals. In my opinion the original works fine as end-of-film music with the visuals but on balance I prefer Alex's Machine Mix version which is more 'to the point' and shorter."

For more information on this collaboration, check out

Gladys [Renaldo's Alpine Mix] (2006) due for release August 9th, 2006

Renaldo - remix with added electric guitar, keyboards and samples

Featured on
The Scallions - Agony Through Ceremony (SlamJamz).

"This is a remix of the Scallions song from their forthcoming album 'Agony Through Ceremony' to be released on the SlamJamz label. This was my first remix project - the recording was actually started as early as 2003 and completed in 2004. The Scallions album is accompanied by a DVD on which this track features alongside a remix by C-Doc of the Impossibulls. The DVD also features a documentary about the Scallions including recorded comments by Molly Harvey, Tom Timony and myself. When the Scallions asked me to make a short 'piece to camera' talking about them, I made a 2 minute film with my voice speaking in the old 'rotcod' fashion - the first time I'd tried it since RatL days. It didn't fit in with the style of the finished documentary so it is included in it's entirety as an easter egg on the DVD - including (necessary) sub-titles I believe. Some vocal samples I sent have also appeared in the project, on the album just before the song 'Gladys', and on the album's promo CD 'A Guide To Agony Through Ceremony'."

"The Scallions are also working on a side project called 'Sounds Of Vinyl and the Past' on 10" vinyl to which I've contributed a toy piano section."

The Following are Renaldo's Promos
These promos contained instrumentals, sketches and backings without vocals.

Re:Sessionsongs (1993)

Renaldo - everything

Cassette: a few home-made copies

All instrumentals, 6 tracks recorded before 1993.

Renaldosofar (2001)

Renaldo - everything

CD-R: a few home-made copies

All instrumentals, 12 tracks recorded up to 2001.

Rave On (2004)

Renaldo - programming, electric guitar, vocal

CD-R: Private edition of only 2 copies recorded as a wedding gift to a good friend.

"Ok, probably unfair to include this in a discography as it's not been made available to anyone apart from my friend and his wife. He asked that it not be copied as it's their unique gift (other musicians also sent exclusive tracks) - but if he changes his mind… It's a cover version of the Buddy Holly song of course"


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